Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Reno flamingo!

This morning at 8am I left San Francisco and headed for Reno "The littlest big city" to get my legs finished by Tayler Wooten at Nightmare Studios. We started this journey 3 years ago when he was going from an apprentice to a full fledge artist. The theme was a back yard bbq with all the things you find in your yard. The first piece was a Squirrel, on my right calf, my nickname as a kid was Burl the Squirrel. BTW if you didn't know already my full name Burl Austin Leno. Then a gnome on my left calf a month later, I collect gnomes. Last year about this same time I had a Jackelope put on my left chin. And finally finished it off with a Flamingo! 

Staying at Circus Circus for the night then start my journey home. I almost don't want to gamble and instead just play all their games and win stuffed toys! However, I know you'll find me at the roulette table later. All on Black! They gave me a big room on the second to top floor. Great view of the casinos and strip! 

The Outline

Tayler at work

The finished product! Whose hungry he's cooking?


This road trip has been an amazing chance to see some of the most beautiful areas of the West coast and visit with great friends. One thing that is missing is someone to share the entire experience with wether it was a friend or girl friend. It's always fun having the experience however, there is something more rewarding when you have a partner.

Think about your life and all the great times you have had. Were you alone or with friends? Those times in your life bond you together and create a shared experience. Listening to a group of Johnny and Laura's friends tell stories I saw how their faces and voices lit up. How each person would tell their side of the story and getting the different view points made it more compelling.

Being alone on this trip is exactly what I needed to reflect on my current status in life. I'm very happy with what I have created so far in my career and personal friendships. It is now time to harness all my energy to find a new career path, deepen my bonds with friends, and make new connections. It is time to go after exactly what will make me happy and satisfied. Can't wait to get home and put the new strategy in place.

I will miss my San Francisco crew but I will see you all soon. Pic is Alain, Johnny, Laura, and I

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Essentials for a Road Trip

So far on my trip, here are some items I believe are essential or must haves for this road trip and sleeping in your car.
  1. More Blankets. Not having the foam pad extra blankets can make a quick bed.
  2.  Car Air Freshener. Driving and sleeping in your car does not make it smell like roses even if you shower and brush your teeth. 
  3. Car Glass Cleaner. Even with the windows cracked you fog up the windows at night. The windows must be cleaned and the inside or else you have hot breath marks.
  4. Ample playlist. Music is the soundtrack to your adventure. Make sure it's the right tunes for your trip.
  5. Towel. Just like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy you shouldn't go anywhere without your towel. My first morning I dried off with a t-shirt since I forgot a towel. Needless to say I have one now.
  6. Real Camera. My phone takes all right pictures however, a real camera with better zoom and resolution would have produced even more beautiful shots of the coastline

Oktoberfest 2013

Polka, Sausage, and Bier! I had a great time at Oktoberfest with Johnny and Laura and some of their friends. This was the first time I've been to an actual Oktoberfest event and it won't be my last. The polka band was great and reminded me that my grandma Leno and my dad both play the accordion. All the beer was supplied by Spatan I highly recommend their Oktoberfest brew if you can find it at your local store.

After we were throughly hydrated we went over to Project 1 Gallery for a breakbeat show my buddy David Alexander's crew was throwing. Lets just say we all got our dance on! Mine was more of a stumble then dancing. Such great times can't wait for the next time.

This is the end of the night drinking out of Laura's balloon hat

The Entrance

Javier and Johnny

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 5: San Francisco

Day 5 started out with a bite to eat in the Mission with Alain (pronounced uh-lawn). One of the things I miss most about this city is the mexican food in the Mission District. Probably some of the best food on earth is cooked in the biggest hole in the wall places.

Then off for some shopping. Picked up a few shirts at Undefeated and True.

And picked up some new Marvel Edition Kid Robot vinyl collectibles.

Tomorrow Benny Gold, Super 7, Upper Playground, and a few other shops I saw. I'm a slave to fashion and t-shirts.

Johnny and Laura

Say hello to Johnny and Laura! 

If you don't know already Johnny and I have known each other since 1997 when I moved to San Francisco. My friend Russ (bless your soul) and I drove down from Seattle together and Russ moved in with Johnny in Concorde. I opted for the city. Within 2 years all three of us were living together in the hood of Tenderloin in the most ghetto apartment. It was the only basement apartment in the complex, had 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a kitchen (no living room). Our kitchen window was at sidewalk level and several times crack dealers tried to sell to us through the window. We never took the offers btw. 

Johnny was the Best Man in my wedding to Alicia and truly remains one of my best friends. Laura is his girl friend of 7 years and they live in Twin Peaks. You can see the observation area from their front window. Thank you both for always letting me crash at your place! 

Tonight we do BEERFEST! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Year in Review: Vol. 2

Despite all the issues and stress in my life this year I have accomplished some great things. In January, I started a Project Management 9 month Certification Program. I completed the program in August with a high level of success and understanding of Project Management. In December, I plan on taking my PMP to get the official title of Project Manager from the Project Management Institute. Website creation and graphic design have always interested me. In March, I took an HTML+ and CSS class using Dreamweaver to create the sites. These classes were very interesting how typing a certain code results in different graphics or boxes.

I was also successful in starting new DJ residencies at clubs I truly enjoy playing. Jack's Pub and Grill in Renton is so much fun. I get to play rock to 80's to hip hop and everything in between. Last Supper Club was the first place I played hip hop and now I may be their last hip hop DJ since they are closing at the end of the year. And starting next month I will be on rotation at Cowgirls Inc. rock, country, and hip hop. Yeah buddy, Cowboy up! If you didn't know I grew up on a cow and pig farm. Plus, I have one offs at some great other spots like Amber, Moe Bar, Tia Lou's, and SeeSound Lounge.

The year is not over yet hopefully, I will find a great new company where I love working and can use all the skills I've learned this year. On the horizon is also the probability that I will go teach English abroad next year. The countries that I've narrowed it down to are Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Thailand.